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  • Quinnipiac's Unofficial Men's Rugby Team

    In the 1990s, a group of Quinnipiac College Law School students started playing rugby on the school fields, soon enough a club was formed. Through trials and tribulations this club would become notoriously known as New Blue Rugby. The early team was comprised of solely QC law students until the year 2000 when the college became a university. At that junction, the short-lived life of Quinnipiac Rugby began and included both undergraduates and law students.

    In 2001, Quinnipiac University elevated their status again when they became a NCAA Division 1A school. Dr. Manny Carrero, Dean of Student Affairs met with Quinnipiac Rugby and informed them that the school would no longer recognize club sports. Additionally, the team could no longer practice on university grounds. Over the next two years, the rugby players continued to play games as an unaffiliated team.

    On one occasion in 2002 they attempted to hold a game on campus, but were told by QU administration that they would be escorted by security if it happened again. Dr. Carrero advised the team to make a formal proposal to Athletic Director Jack McDonald to be a club sport. This request was denied, however McDonald told the team they could hold a memorial tournament on campus in honor of two players who passed away that year.

    In 2004, the New Haven Men’s Rugby club started another team for young men under the age of 23, the team was dubbed New Blue Rugby. New Blue had no affiliation with Quinnipiac and played all of their games in New Haven, despite the fact that it was made up of 43 QU students.

    “We were walking on thin ice with the university,” said former-New Blue President Michael Silverman, class of 2006. “All of our games were played in New Haven and we steered clear of administrators.”

    New Blue joined the New England Rugby Football Union in 2005 and went undefeated during their innaugural regular season. They notched up a 6-0 record in Division IV and finished in second-place overall. They followed up that performance in 2006 season by going 6-0-1 and finishing second again. Their immediate success earned them a promotion to Division III, where they face much tougher opponents.

    “That transition from D-4 to D-3 was huge for us,” said Silverman’s successor Ryan Brady, class of 2009. “We have to face really good teams like Wesleyan and Roger Williams now.”

    The club felt that due to their success and good behavior they should reapply for recognition with the school. They were turned down once again. “The school has some rule against rugby and football, but it doesn’t keep us from trying to be included,” said Brady.

    2015 New Blue Players

    Our Captains

    Paul Thomson

    Matt Szajnar

    • Height: 6ft.0in
    • Weight: 195lbs
    • Position: Instide Center - #12
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    mission & values

    New Blue Mission

    Since we were formed, our main goal has been to become an official club sport at Quinnipiac University. Our team is comprised of only Quinnipiac students. We want to ensure the future of our club team by becoming an official club team.

    New Blue Values

    We play with sportsmanship. This team starts out as students, but that soon turns into a brotherhood. We play a fast paced and clean game of rugby. As long as you give your best effort you will go a long way on this team.

    New Blue Philanthropys

    Every year our team will take part in multiple philanthropy events throughout the Hamden community. Last year we had a student volunteer his time at the local YMCA. Our team takes part in multiple philanthropy events of Greek life at Quinnipiac. Some of these activities include Queso for Casa, Shamrock the Ropes, Q-thon, and many more. St Baldrick's has been one of the biggest philanthropy events we do ever year. Our team has raised thousands of dollars for this organization. Lastly we have a calendar sale during the spring semester in an attempt to raise as much money as we can for Wounded Warrior project. These past 2 years the calendar sales have helped us raise over $3000 for the wounded warrior project./p>


    New Blue's notable victories

    In 2013 we were New England Collegiate Rugby Conference Champions. In 2013 we were ranked 8th in the country by National Small College Rugby Organizations.


    "After a year of college, the void of not having the competitive lifestyle of High School sports running my schedule, had left me out of shape and with a bad GPA. I needed a change, so I joined New Blue the 1st week of Soph year. The next three years were everything you want in a college experience. The physicality, learning of a new craft, teamwork, and level of trust needed, drove me to be a better person. That and a few too many headbutts, Dicks trips, Rugby House(s), and an undefeated 2012 season"

    Jim Cappadoro, QU graduate of 2012, former member of 2012 championship team , USA

    "Entering freshman year at Quinnipiac University, I had no idea what or who New Blue Rugby was. The person I am today is the result of my experiences with my mentors, friends and brothers of New Blue. New Blue is a family that accepts players of all backgrounds, gives them the opportunity to work together towards a single goal, and rigorously tests them through physical and mental trials. Most of all, New Blue has been a window into the national and global rugby community where I continue to play in today"

    Johnson Chu, Captain of the 2012 championship team, QU class of 2013 alumni , USA

    "New Blue Rugby guys can be described with three words: crazy, energetic, and truly original. Being on the team was never dull, and I made friends who will be friends for life. I couldn’t have imagined spending my time at QU any other way. Rugby offered an opportunity for me to continue to play sports in college and taught me a lot about personal responsibility outside of the classroom, which has been influential in my career. The memories made while playing on New Blue will stay with me for the rest of my life."

    Jim Whelan, former captain, Class of 2012 , USA